"If you have unconquerable calmness, you can overcome the enemy without force."
Bushi Matsumura

Todd C. Jonas - Instructor

Spiritus Martial Arts

Welcome to Spiritus Martial Arts (SMA) founded and operated in Cheyenne, Wyoming by Todd Jonas.  SMA offers every martial artist, both the beginner or experienced the opportunity to grow and become more well rounded in the art of combat and life.  The word Spiritus is Latin and translated to directly mean “spirit” or “breath.”  In the martial arts (and other aspects of life) our spirit motivates and lifts us to go beyond our normal operating level.  An individual’s spirit can never be compromised, if so, it means defeat. 

At SMA we are extremely dedicated, hard-working and pride yourself on persistence.  Please visit the site pages for
more information or contact me via email (s
 My new book, Stories & Concepts within the Martial Arts will be out in the Spring of 2018.  Details to follow...





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